Discounted Session Policy

To book a discounted/voucher session you must have a valid voucher upon booking

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  • As Intention Massage and Skincare grows we are looking to build relationships with our clients.
  • We appreciate you being introduced to us through various discounted wellness platforms, but as a small business our goals in to retain clients and not just have customers.
  • To allow all customers proper time to take advantage of the discount session we only allow ONE discount session every 12 months, regardless of any platform it was purchased on. Customers who are found in violation of this policy will be responsible for all fees associated with their session at a non-discounted rate.
  • Please do not purchase multiple discounted session because they will not be honored.
  • Customer who have purchase the Two-Massage deal only ONE session can be booked per day. If you want to use the second massage as gift they will have to be a two separate times, and will not be booked back to back.
  • Customers who received a gift massage through discounted session (massage,facial, etc) your visit will count as a discounted session.
  • No same day appointment request. 
  • Please book online preferably, email, or call. It maybe difficult to answer the phone during business hours. Return calls will be returned at the end of business day.
  • We do not advertise couples massage on any discounted platform. If you would like to book a couples massage session you will need to book directly with Intention Massage and Skincare and pay all requested rates.
  • Client who have purchased/received a gifted session the name and email on the certificate will need to match. Please do not book under a different name.
  • Please provide your voucher # in your notes for the requested appointment.
  • Please do not arrive late to your appointment time, you will not be able to have the full -time allocated for services. Every minute counts please arrive at the door/entrance 15 minutes early due to COVID protocols of hand washing before and after service. Add extra 5 min on for parking.
  • A consultation and consent is required during your first visit please arrive early, if you arrive at your direct scheduled time consultation will still take place and you hands on time will be reduced.
  • No open cuts, wounds, rashes or contagious skin disorders. If this occurs your appointment will be canceled  or the area will be avoided and gloves will be used.
  • Please be familiar with our cancellation policy and deposit for appointment.
  • Weekend and evening appointments require a $15 non-refundable deposit/ or you can be added to the waitlist. If a spot becomes available we will contact you 2 days before to confirm these appointment times.
  • Gratuity is not expected, but they are certainly appreciated, please keep in mind the original value is $105 (15%= $12)(18% is $15) and (20% = $20).